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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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this morning quite the opposite from what we saw yesterday. i-70 still closed from denver to kansas because of all the snow and ice out there. >> and that is not the only problem spot. we have issues just about everywhere. we will get to jason with more on that in a moment. >> it's all hands on deck here this morning. to get you through this morning. first alert chief meteorologist mcconnell sop is with us. we have crews checking conditions. >> we want to let you know about the school closures becauss they are pouring in right now.
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you can see the list behind us. some of the key ones aurooa, littleton, jeffco they are all closed today. >> cherry creek school is also closed today. we have pages and pages of the delays out there. go to and you will find a full running list. now i want to get out there with jason. >> reporter: as you can tell the snow is still falling, it is still blowing anywhere from here. visibility definitely poor. at i-25 and hamden we are snow. the problem is it's light and fluffy and blowing everywhere. we're on i-25 where visibility is down if a quarter mile or less. you can see that layer of snow over the highway.
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moving along fairly well. not too much congestion as the early hours. if you are outtthere, there can be ice under there. the snow makes it hard to stop and the visibility is the poor thing here. we will keep an eye on how conditions change and if the snowfalls and goes sideways and blows in my face and all around as we continue throughout the day. you can tell why schools are closed today. specifically in this area as 3 the snow just continues to fall. we'll have much more coming up but now we will go to mike nelson back in the studio. >> radar still shows the snow coming down but not nearly as hard as it was four or five hours ago. it's lighter up to the north now at weld county and larimer county and this is drifting to the sootheast so that snow ban will diminish from north to south. out in the eastern plains you get to washington county, yuma
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county, and kansas it's just dumping along with strong winds. blizzard conditions there. the mountains are still getting snow showers. sometimes the snow doesn't show up as well there because of the radar. but there is still snow up in the high country. one thing that is not high is the temperatures. 6 below in bertha pass. and across the state we not only have the cold temperatures but the strong winds on the eastern plains making the windchills feel like readings closer to zero. moving off to the northeast it will carry the main band of snow with thunderstorms on the warm side of this storm system out away from us for the rest of the day. we're going to continue to have the winds, the cold, and at least the lighter snow through the morning. by afternoon and into the evening, it's more flurry activity. still a few more inches of snow possible in the mountain. the temperatures today just staying low and i indicate with % these little guys right here
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attacking us but they are actually just the wind vectors showing the strong winds on the far eastern plains. that will cause a lot of blowing and drifting. for more on that, let's go too jason. >> it's not a good drive. that is why we are seeing a lot of closures. weecan see the snow here in why douglas county schools are cllsed. don't just think if douglas county schools is highland ranch you have castle rock school and all the schools down to the southeast. we have a lot of yellow and yellow and some green showing up. several accidents reported onics-70. near havana. getting out to dia and several other issues with the roadways including most of eastern colorado is closed. i-70 we have talked about.
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the big ones to the front range will be highway 287 out of fort 3 collins. so the drive is not going to be fun by any means especially out there along i-70. i wanted to show you a couple c- d.o.t. cameras. including this one in denver tech center where it will be very tough to see any lane recognition and up to the north side very tough driving conditions. there right now and you can see how tough it is. cory, where you are, it can be very slick. especially on the side streets. >> reporter: there is a lot of snow cover out here. and the side streets as you mentioned there is a good 8 or so inches. that is what i measured in this area. all the way to a vada.
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the light snow. just a 10-15 miles per hour wind blows the snow quite a ways. it makes sense to close things up here even though we have light snow throughout the morning. >> team coverage on this. lindsay watts is out at dia. before we get to her, i want to show you the missouri map. that is the number of flights delayed or closed. you can see the storm stilll sitting on this map. lots of flightt have been canceled out will in the last 24 hours.
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see how things are looking outside the airport there. lindsay. >> reporter: i just got an update on flight cancellations and so far there are 125 of them for today. we are expecting more as the morning continues. yesterday there were 500 cancellations here. at this point we've gotten over a foot excuse me over half a foot. about seven inches of snow at dia. i drove myself to the airport and conditions on the roaddays are what you would expect. very little lane recognition on i-70. icy spots. pena boulevard was more clear. the airport has a lot of snow plows and other things it usss during winter storms. right when we are done here, we heading over to the airfield and airport staff will show us the large melters used to clear ramps. we will be back a little later on in the show to show that to you live. lindsay watts, denver 7.
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that snowcast app it will be handy today. you can see how much snow is heading to your area before it -`get there is. and you can track the radar to see where the storm is heading next. >> kkep an eye on the bottom of the screen. we have been tweeting out the closures if you are just getting up. aurora, adams county, denver, jeffco, and st. lover rain those are all closed today. the players enjoying milder weather in california. and they had a big night last night. >> they sure did. it was media night. and lisa hidalgo and eric lupher werr there. they got no sleep but was it fun? >> reporter: who needs sleep? it was a blast. we just got into the nfl experience live. i'm standing inside the afc locker room. we have chris harris junior
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they have all the teams in here. we walked in. this took my breath away. it's this ginormous monitor and playing headlights from previous games. they have scenes from san francisco and keyed up with the music it's really awesome. and ttis does cost. $35 for you to get in here. eric lupher and i are taking over. >> reporter: give me a good pass. >> reporter: can you get this? >> reporter: i want to see a spiral. >> reporter: hang on this is hard with the mic. `> reporter: nice. i am in heaven right now. this is the coolest place i have ever seen. when i went to super bowl 48 in new york, there was no room for the nfl experience. and that is too bad because this is awesome. organizers are excited too. listen. >> the virtual reality is amazing. literally you put on the goggles and you are in the locker room, you on the field,
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it's really great. >> reporter: what are we doing? `> reporter: they cued us. we just paused. back on his other side over here. there is a replica field we will get over anddwe could kick a field goal. we will see what skills eric has. i have the flats but i will change them out for the chuck tayllrs so don't worry i will be geared up. >> she is making her way through the shoes. >> all ten pairs. and hats off to your photographer. he is keeping up with eric lupher. >> it is a big job to keep up with eric and lisa. >> thank you. back here at home they are dealing with very nice and warm weather. we on the other hand not so much. temperatures in the 20s and that is where we will stay. we have light to moderate snowfalling right now. might get a little bit of
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as the skies will clear llter on this evening. the snow almost move out but the cold temperatures will stick around. good news is with all of these school districts closing down, whether have fewer folks on the road. c-470 with douglas and jefferson county schools closed down we will see people out and about. that is the good news.
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welcome back. it's 5:14 on this tuesday. we continue to track the winter storm moving through the rea this morning. on the screen you can see another radar on the left and we have a lot of school closures this morning. parents you will have to make extra plans. take a listen. aurora, adams county, denver, cherry creek, douglas county,
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st. rain, bolder valley all closed this morning. so we havv a full list of this on our website obviously we will keep you posted here throughout thee morning. >> you can watch the scrolling at the bottom of the screen. this morning we are coming up with a big moment for the presidential caucuses. >> martin o'malley was nowhere near the front runners so the maryland governor is suspending his campaign. >> as for the republicans the winner was clear. ted cruz and donald trump coming in second. mike, the snow it finally made it here. >> it did. and it has made an impact. quite the impression it has made upon us. the snows are lightening up but it's already too late as far as the school districts are concerned. many bussnesses the morning commute has certainly been
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we first froze it down into a sheet of ice and then put that dry snow on top of it. difficulties. what we are seeing are along the front range. 22 and 20 so far today. midnight. temperatures. normals. normal high. take a look outside. 21 degrees downtown. 20 at the airportt and you can really see how this is outside our building at spear and lincoln. and it's just white sheet with ice underneath it. and the winds have shifted a bit. they are from the north, northwest. that is a down sloping wind that will diminish the intensity of the snow. these are our little wind guys here. the wind indicators. you can see as we move out across the eastern plains still a north easterly wind out here. that is closer to the center of the low pressure system. in the mountains also gusty
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and snow will continue in the high country. but maybe only an inch or two during the day or two. low pressure system is off to the east of us now. and that will move up toward wisconsin today. colorado. behind it we will have tte cold air coming in here. watch on the future cast what happens as the temperatures and the cold will continue to be of days. showers. the main story will be icy roads, the cold windshields, and the temperatures that go nowhereetoday. we are looking at highs in the teens and 20s across most of the state. gusty northwest winds. for more on your 24 hour planner, let's go to dayle cedarss >> let's do it. let's talk about it. here's that planner. you want to see what we are dealing with today? those temperatures you talked about a high of 24, here's where we go. how about 20, 20, 20. there is not a lottto show you because we will not go p and down much at all.
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once the snow disappears, we could see a little bit of sunshine before that sunsets and then it will disappear really quickly and the temperatures go with it. these are the highs as we look at statewide. and look at the seven day, it does not warm up. good news is come thursday we're at least back attiring. the sunshine will make a big difference and then we're into the 40s. right now at 5:18, should we check in with jason? >> why not? let's. we had an accident as you can see here. this is the one i've been talking about on westbound i-70 just after havana. it's off to the right spot. you can see the traffic that is slow coming over from tte bridge project over to that accident scene. but lighter than normal trrffic in a lot of places becaase we have so many school districts closed down that we will see the lighter than normal traffic around town. take a look at c-d.o.t. camera. remember i-76 basically east of brighton.
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it willlbe closed down all the way up to nebraska. you can see the side roads are not much fun for us this morning. take a look at that drive downcast l rock. you can see on the over all big map not a whole lot of accidents. we did have that one on i-70 here. haa one on pena boulevard. not too far from 56th avenue. but slower than average driving. about double the commute time at least for right now with lane recognition not evvn possible. and so many road closures out to the east and north. i will detail that coming up. it is now 5:19. and coming up as we look live out on the roadways, you can see we are keeping an eye on things for you. lots of snow all across the front range. so we're trying to get the trouble spots and let you know about them. lots of schools closed. we will keep an eye on the
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only from centurylink. call and switch today. welcome back. it's 5:22. taking a live look outside. a lot of you waking up to a lot of snow this morning. some roadways closed down. schools closed. government offices closed. so we have a lot going on. we are just hearing du classes are closed as well. >> we haven't heard an official word from cu boulder or colorado state yet. the list of closures keeps on growing. including denver public schools closed because of the snow. >> that is why we wanted to check with will jones. thank you for joining us.
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close today. we must have lost his call. >> they are saying wait a minute. if you are closing a school like. >> which makes it tough for the district because they will really hear it regardless of what they decide to do. so we believe we may have will jones now. will can you hear us? >> i can. good morning. >> thankkyou for joining us. can you tell us what went into your decision to close school? >> absolutely. any time we have a weather situation like this, we have leadership from the assistant or excuse me the acting superintendent on down
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situation, talking with weather casters, monitoring the weather throughout the area. and preliminary decisions are made around 2:00. we update that at 3:00 and then we try to get the final word out aa 4:00. and initially we were on a delayed start. hoping that we wouldn't have our buses on the road rushing, trying to get our students to school. but the weather conditions continued to escalate and we decided to make the decision a short time ago to close denver public schools for the day. >> i don't envy you. i know some parents theyydon't `et snow days so they think oh my gosh, the schools are closed, what am i doing with my kids? and they are not happy when you do close. so it's not an easy choice. >> we have to make sure that we do what is in the interest of our school district. when you have 90,000 kids you have to do what is best for everyone. whenever possible we try to keep the schools open.
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mother nature as shut us down for the day. it's not just schools. it's all school activity throughout the day. >> all right. will jones with denver public schools. thank you for taking time to join us. again denver public schools closed today. -`>> so parents, sorry. kids i know they will have a ball with it. they do. >> throw them out in the snow. let them burn off some energy because they will definitely need it. we talked about looking at things as a final result at 4:00 but they could check things out at 2:00 a.m.. at that point we had pretty heavy snow moveein through thh me row area. we still have snow that is going to continue. so as we look at our future snowfalling through the morning `ours. which means for those that do need to go to work, it will be a factor for you. you will be running into very
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and this will continue after -`sunrise. sun. ttat will be later on. maybe midday today a few of us could see sun while the rest of us will continue to get a little bit of sun. this evenings commute will still be dicey but at least we will have sunshine at that point and tte snow will have turned to light flurries. >> light flurries is okay. %- i wanted to show you this picture right here. punxsutawney phil has just made his forecast. early spring is on the way. it just came in moments ago. so i wanted to start with the eastern plains closures we have right now. and there are many in place. including i-70 and i-76 are some of the big ones somewhere right now. we also have a lot of eastern plains, highways, colorado highways, u.s. highways closed down heading out to the east. 287 is also closed down north
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pass is also ccosed down. so it's not going to be a fun drive. take a look at the c-d.o.t. camera we have on i-25 and i-70 us. it's 5:27. come. our reporters out in the field checking conditions for you. you can avoid some bad spots..
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